• Datacenter Infrastructure in Sofia

    The Emerson Datacenter Infrastructure is comming to Sofia. See the details link for more information.

    2010.10.25 16:24 Подробности...
  • Liebert XDFN Panduit Edition

    the well known Liebert XDFN featured with Panduit cable management, Liebert GXT UPS and DI-Strip Rack PDUs improves its performance! The Stand Alone Datacenter will be launched on Jan 20th 2010. The Liebert XDFN will be available with the rack configured with Panduit cable management and with the iCOM control.

    2010.01.20 09:54 Подробности...
  • Liebert CRV

    Enterprise project available for sales as of December 21st. This product is meant to compete in the range with the feature set required from application where no humidity control is required

    2009.12.21 09:53 Подробности...


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