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  • Are "mission critical applications" in your datacenter outrunning your system protection?

    Executive Summary Corporate datacenters – even small ones – are supporting more critical business applications such as integrated data/voice/video networks, real-time interaction and e-commerce support for Web sites, and sophisticated knowledge...

    2010.01.19 повече
  • Balancing scalability and reliability in the critical power system: when does 'n + 1' become 'too many + 1'?

    Summary Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protection can be delivered through a single-moduleapproach or through redundant systems. Redundancy enables higher availability ofcritical systems and is typically achieved through either an N + 1 or 1 + 1...

    2010.02.22 повече
  • Five Questions to Ask Before Selecting Power Protection for Critical Systems

    A Guide for IT and Data Center Managers SUMMARY Appropriate power protection is one of the keys to achieving high availability of business critical systems. Yet many of the key factors that should be considered when selecting these essential systems...

    2010.03.01 повече
  • Power and Cooling Design Guidelines for Network Access Rooms

    Introduction Network access and telecom rooms are housing more powerful and critical equipment as businesses rely on these spaces to support an increasing number of business-critical applications. The technologies supporting the deployment of IP...

    2010.04.01 повече
  • Protecting the Ratail Information Chain

    Summary The retail supply chain must support two interdependent processes: Product flow Information flow An effective and efficient product supply chain depends heavily on an integrated, visible, "always-on" information chain. Keeping that...

    2010.05.01 повече
  • Choosing the right UPS for small and midsize data centers: a cost and reliability comparison

    Introduction A dependable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is essential to protectingdata centers and server rooms from unplanned downtime and equipment damage. This paper compares two UPS systems marketed for small and midsize data centers....

    2010.06.02 повече
  • Evaluating the Economic Impact of UPS Technology

    Summary The sensitivity of electronic systems to power disturbances and the likelihood of interruptions in utility power make it easy to justify the purchase of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect business-critical systems. As a result, UPS...

    2010.07.07 повече
  • Energy Logic: Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption by Creating Savings that Cascade Across Systems

    Executive Summary [Note: The model demonstrates that reductions in energy consumption at the IT equipment level have the greatest impact on overall consumption, because they cascade across all supporting systems.] A number of associations,...

    2010.08.09 повече
  • Data Center Space Optimization: Power and Cooling Strategies to Optimize Space in the Controlled Environment

    Summary With data center rack densities increasing exponentially and blade servers promising to push them much higher faster than many expected, IT managers are facing difficult decisions regarding critical system infrastructure. System densities are...

    2010.09.01 повече
  • Blade Servers and Beyond: Adaptive Cooling for the Next Generation of IT Systems

    Executive Summary [Note: In enterprise data centers, designers face the challenge of having to create facilities with a 20-year lifespan when they are unsure how technology will change in the next three to five years.] High-density servers and...

    2010.10.01 повече
  • Focused Cooling Using Cold Aisle Containment

    Executive Summary A number of options are available to facilities professionals looking to improve cooling efficiency and reduce resources consumed by their data centers. Beyond implementing basic measures such as sealing moisture out of the data center...

    2010.11.01 повече
  • Managing Critical Systems for Higher Availability and Reliability

    Summary Critical power and cooling systems have a major impact on the performance and availability of IT systems. While the reliability of these systems is high, their value to the business is such that they require an adaptive approach to performance...

    2010.12.01 повече
  • Longevity of Key Components in Uninterruptible Power Systems

    Executive Summary Every UPS is designed with components that have a limited life. Some of these components have longer lives than others and this depends on the design of the component itself, its function within the UPS, and the operating conditions to...

    2011.04.01 повече
  • Application Considerations for Cooling Small Computer and Server Rooms. A Product Feature Comparison.

    Introduction Too often, precision air conditioning is only considered when humidity control is required. If the application does not demand humidity control, comfort cooling is installed. In fact, the combination of recent economic conditions and an...

    2011.05.01 повече
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