Alpha Grissin Infotech BG trades in Bulgaria the products of VERTIV (EMERSON).

VERTIV (EMERSON)  with a constant presence of 75 years, provides standard rack and cabinet systems, but also customized solutions, from small IT Rooms to large Data Centres.

The mechanical, electronic and thermal components of Knürr’s solutions place the company in the first place in the design, development and production of racks and cabinets for indoor and outdoor use.

A wide range of products and solutions ensure required stability for the network, parallel to high adaptability to the requirements of technological sustainability.


Knürr’s products include:


  • Racks – Enclosures- Cabinet
  • Active Componets
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Outdoor Cabinet - Enclosures
  • 19” Enclosure – Small Rack
  • Workstation Systems
  • Mobile Workstations

Anticipating forthcoming changes to server technology and acknowledging the difficulties in re-designing a Data Centre, VERTIV (EMERSON) proposes solutions with “on the spot” cooling products which can be mounted on any rack and in any area with high concentration of thermal loads, providing absolute protection to sensitive electronic equipments.



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