Diesel generators


Alfa Grisin Infotech BG is an official representative for the Inmesol, Altas Generator and Alimar products and for after-sales services and for after-sales services of Teksan on the territory of Bulgaria.

Combined with the high quality of the Diesel generators and the engineering expertise and experience of Alpha Grisin Infotech BG, we offer the best service to our customers.

Natural gas Generators

Alpha Grissin Infotech BG offers gas generators with
output power from 27 to 2465kW.
• Autonomous
• Cost-effective
• Reliable
• Eco-friendly
• Energy-efficient

Cogeneration systems

Alpha Grissin Infotech BG offers TEKSAN cogeneration systems - energy efficiency at a good price.
The combined production of heat and electricity is
called cogeneration. Heat can be used for heating, cooling or both (trigeneration).

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies devices

ON LINE UPSs suitable for server premises, network and telecommunication applications, devices requiring continuous operation requiring continuous sinusoidal voltage supply.

LINE INTERACTIVE These UPSs are the ideal solution for quality and low cost for power failure and network voltage fluctuations.

HPAC - Precision Devices Air conditioning

A key and key requirement to ensure adequate, safe and safe working conditions in premises equipped with sensitive electronic equipment is to separate heat from the equipment and ensure precise temperature and humidity control.

Industrial Telecom Batteries

Lead-free, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, suitable for uninterruptible power supply systems, 2V, 4V, 6V or 12V, from 5Ah to 2000Ah.

Lead-encapsulated batteries use a sulfur electrolyte reinforced against spill. These batteries do not require additional fluid during their life span, thus further improving the safety of use.

Server Units

Alfa Grisin Infotech is a representative of Knurr AG.

Knurr AG, as part of the VERTIV (EMERSON ELECTRONICS Group), with its 75 years of experience, offers both standard racks, complete systems, but also specific "Casthammer" solutions, depending on the requirements and needs of each individual customer, from small IT premises to large datacenters.